The information found on this page is confidential and is intended only for the internal use of achoate Information Services.

Electronic Employee Manual

This manual is to be referred to for questions regarding achoate IS employee policy. If you have specific questions regarding this manual, please refer them to the General Manager.

All employees will be notified electronically if this page changes.

Time Cards

Hourly Employees will report to the General Manager the amount of hours they worked by the day after the last day of the reporting period. If this day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the employees will report an estimate of hours on the Friday preceding.

So, for example, for the time period of the 1st through the 15th, hours should be reported to the General Manager informally via e-mail or phone by the morning of the 16th. A formal time submission (electronically or hard copy) will be submitted to the accountant by the first day of the next month following the reported month.

Information reported on the time card should reflect the following information:

Time Tracking

All Employees will keep track of their hours in a manner best suited for them. The company will advocate a standard time tracking method when one has been agreed upon. Standards for tracking time include:

Project Files

In addition to the time tracking, which is to be turned in to the accountant, employees will maintain a project file that tracks what projects they are working on, start time, estimated completion time and due date. For projects that more than one employee is working on, each project will have a time report associated with individual employee's contribution to the project.

Upon reporting to work, all employees will refer to their project files. The order of precedence for working on their projects is:

  1. Projects with an approaching deadline
  2. Projects they have been assigned which have not yet been completed
  3. New projects
Hourly employees may work at their discretion at the tasks, as long as the order of precedence is followed.

Project files will remain in the office and maintenance of the files are the responsibility of the employee.

New projects may be placed in the project files; be sure to refer to the file first to ensure order of precedence.


Meetings will be held the last Friday of every month. The agenda for these meetings will be posted by the General Manager in the secure area of the company web site under /handbook/agendas/. Items to be added to the agenda must be submitted to the GM by the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

Last updated 9/13/99