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Achoate Information Services is an Internet design firm that was founded in 1995 to highlight the talents of Aaron Choate as an Internet programmer and information specialist (hence the name).

Aaron finished his Library and Information Science Masters in 1996. The partnership grew in 1998 with the addition of Cara Fealy Choate. Besides providing the primary point of contact with our company, Cara performs database services and acts as the principal designer. Aaron continues to design pages, but concentrates now on building our technological backbone.

In early 1999, we opened a Seattle, Washington office which provides the same services as our headquarters. You can contact this office directly via e-mail at seattle@achoate.com.

We are continually expanding our services. If you have a service that you don't immediately see on our services page, please don't hesitate to ask us about it. We're always open to critique and commentary. Please let Cara know directly (cara@achoate.com or (512) 371-1055) if you'd like to say something about our site or our services.