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Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition, by David Siegel
Paperback - 272 pages 2nd edition (October 1997) Hayden Books; ISBN: 1568304331
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Almost as soon as we received this in the mail it was loaned to a friend, although the basic ideas of the book were evident through an initial flip-through. This book explores Siegel's method of Web architecture and design. If you're just getting started and are looking for a book to tell you how to code html, this isn't it. However, this book will give beginners the inspiration to code like Madison Avenue.

HTML 4.0 Specification, by W3C
W3C Recommendation, revised on 24-Apr-1998
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Join newsgroups (like the ones sponsored by the HTML Writer's Guild) or utilize the "View Source" menu item of your browser. There are a lot of amazing (FREE!) resources on-line to learn basic HTML code.

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