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Rise to Globalism, by Stephen Ambrose and Douglas Brinkley
Paperback - 428 pages 8th Rev edition (September 1997) Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140268316
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Stephen Ambrose, he of the wonderful World War II books, teams up with the author of The Majic Schoolbus, Douglas Brinkley, for one enjoyable assessment of America from 1938 to the Summer of 1997. Refreshingly honest and thoughtprovoking, you can't find a quicker means of knowing the essentials of America and her place in the world.

Hitler and Stalin--Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock
Paperback - 1089 pages Reprint edition (November 1993) Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679729941
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You simply can't find a better and more detailed description of the 20th century's two most murderous men. Bullock has researched everything, including Hitler's youth, and Stalin's clamor for power as Lenin lay in his deathbed. To understand how two men were able to kill at least 50 million people combined, Bullock's book is a necessity.

Constitutional Law: Cases in Context--Civil Rights and Civil Liberties by James C. Foster, Susan M. Leeson
Paperback - 1312 pages Vol 002 (January 1998) Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0135687594
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For anyone interested in our civil liberties, Constitutional Law covers a huge breadth of knowledge. Broken into four different eras, Foster and Leeson provide background information, each side's arguments, and the Justices' rulings for each case in the book. Some of the gems that are uncovered in Constitutional Law are: Freedom of Religion is not absolute (Reynolds v. US); a man does not have an inalienable right to be a butcher (The Slaughterhouse Cases); not saying the Pledge of Allegiance is detrimental to society and therefore illegal (Minersville District v. Gobitis), unless you are a Jehovah's witness (West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette); and the Creator dictates that the woman's place is in the home (Bradwell v. Illinois). [Note: this is not the opinion of Achoate Information Services]

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