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Ulysses, by James Joyce
Paperback - 768 pages Reissue edition (June 1990) Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679722769
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You can't have a list of fiction books without including what most scholars consider the seminal work of fiction. Difficult to read, true, and ultimately a tad disappointing since the plot is about as existant as a banshee, just finishing the book leaves you feeling... well, accomplished.

Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
Paperback - 581 pages 2nd edition (March 1995) Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679732764
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You want angry? You want outrage? You want to know what makes the purest white? Read this book. This book is essential for understanding race relations in this country. Ralph Ellison brilliantly describes what life is for African-Americans in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s.

Brighton Rock, by Graham Greene
Paperback Reissue edition (September 1995) Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140184929
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Graham Greene started out writing a standard dectective story about British mobsters but ended up with something entirely different. Greene's treatment of the working class, the middle class, and their relationship to each other is timeless. Brighton Rock hit the streets just as Joyce and Woolfe were exacting their elitist revenge on the world, which makes for an interesting contrast in style. Also of interest is unconcealed rage that seems to be the basis for today's agressive musical standards.

Saturday Night Sunday Morning, by Alan Sillitoe
Paperback - 239 pages Reissue edition (September 1992) Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies; ISBN: 0452269091
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What a bloody marvelous piece of work. Nowthin' like gettin' a might tossed an' swingin' with a duck in one arm an' a pint of Fines' in th' owther. Insobriety never sounded so refreshing, sexual escapades so intriguing. [This is NOT an endorsement from Achoate Information Services.] Yeah, of course there are repurcussions to Arthur Seaton's wild drunken weekends, but what of them? This is the working class: loud, boisterous, violent, dignified, and honest. Understand the power of The Man, understand the need for elective amnesia, understand that the Bastards will never, ever get Arthur down.

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